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The Relationship Between Happiness, Success and Having a Healthy Smile

The Relationship Between Happiness, Success and Having a Healthy Smile
The Relationship Between Happiness, Success and Having a Healthy Smile

Having a full and healthy set of teeth and gums is great for your nutrition, your jaw health, and your overall physical health. In fact, it can even help prevent illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease. But did you know that having a clean and healthy set of teeth can improve your self worth, your happiness, and even your bank account?

Below, we will discuss four different ways that having a healthy-looking smile can improve your life, from your confidence to your pocketbook – and all of these claims are backed by scientific, evidence-based studies. Here’s to success and having a happy smile!

Smiling Produces Happiness.

When new patients come into our office, they often lament that the state of their teeth prevents them from smiling even when they want to. We tell them that not smiling can actually produce feelings of sadness, while the simple act of smiling can produce happiness. Two different studies have backed up this assertion. In one study, participants were told to make expressions for different emotions, including surprise, fear, sadness, and happiness. Simply making the expressions caused them to feel the emotion. Specifically, the act of smiling causes a number of physiological changes, creating happiness.

A Full Set Of White Teeth Boosts Self-Confidence.  

A study conducted by University of Manchester’s School of Dentistry took a close look at dental patients before and after they had their teeth restored with dental implants. After asking each patient about their oral health and quality of life, they found a significant increase in their confidence, self-esteem, and general happiness.

White Teeth Are Associated With Confidence and Competence.

A 2007 study found that whiter teeth are more likely to bring a person success. In the study, participants engaged in simulated job interview and dates. In both cases, those who had had teeth whitening were more likely to land positions and be asked out again. When participants were interviewed, many stated that those with white teeth seemed more confident, more outgoing, and more professional.

Great Teeth Are Associated With Attractiveness & Success

Researchers from the universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire confirmed that white teeth are an important component in attractiveness. The scientists changed the coloring of teeth on pictures of models and showed them to a number of participants. Not surprisingly, those with white teeth were preferred over those with yellow teeth. A different study, conducted by Kelton Research, found that straight teeth are associated with financial success and that those with straight teeth are more likely to be hired for jobs.

Let Us Help You Smile At Montana Dental Arts

We are passionate about creating smiles. Whether you need something as simple as a regular cleaning or something as complex as a complete tooth replacement system, we are here to help you on your road to dental health. Contact our team today by calling (406) 728-­6068 or by filling out our short contact form.

During your initial consultation, we will help you understand your current oral health as well as create a treatment plan individually tailored to your oral health goals, you medical history, and your budget. Find out how you can improve your smile (and boost your happiness) today!

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